What's this about it being on a boat or something? (c) KayCee

Haha, Live on the Levee is NOT on a boat... However it is on the StL landing, which is something like a beach with no sand.... I chronicled a small portion of the AMAZINGNESS that was the conclusion of StL's Live on the Levee festivities...I also found some cool pics/clips online... I get too into the concert to remember to take pics lol

Photos I did NOT take... I got these photos HERE

I love my city! Isn't the reflection of the arch purrrty?

This woman was kickinnnn it!

Black Spade and friends passed these out for members of the crowd to wear during his performance

Rockwell Knuckles, Black Spade (the opening performer), and Tef Poe alllll local talent. StL STAND UP!!!

Rockwell Knuckles performing his most recently released song Government Name (Spontaneous Lover)

Lupe and Bishop G

My Pics :)
My VIP/Backstage/Meet and Greet Pass... What can I say...? There are a FEW perks when your Mom works in radio. My Mom is better than yours :-p

I dunno why my best friend Richard took a pic of the VIP bathrooms...

Bishop G acting silly

Lu running on stage

Bishop G clowning with security. He's a riotttt

My video recording of Lu performing "The Instrumental" this is what he opened with :)

Someone got a vid of him performing Army Girl off of L.A.S.E.R.S... I have a G1 so my phone died wayyyyy before he performed this (those with a G1 understand how horrible the battery life is)