Suddenly my worlds gone and changed its fate/But I still know where I'm going (c) Stephanie Mills

Going away partayyyyy Part 1: The Lou! Kicked it with my fam and friends... My Aunt Brigitte learned how to do the Booty Do, Swag Surf, AND the stanky leg... Such a hot mess it was... But good times! CAN YOU SAY CHI CITY (c) Yeezy... 9 DAYSSS!!!! :)

The reunion hug... My Uncle William TOTALLY played my cousin Siera and walked pass her when she tried to get a hug from him earlier

My Uncle Milton was driving me CRAZYYYY trying to get a pic of me... My cousins Marrissa (the newlywed) and Siera are in the background

Marrissa and Siera take 2

My Uncle Brian, my cousin Briana (yes that is a tutu... JUDGE HER NOT!), and my Aunt LaTrenda

My Aunt Brigitte (AKA Anita Baker), Bri, and Aunt Tren

The "grown folks" table

Part 2..

Buh bye Columbusssssss :)

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