Me, me, me…. Insert the bio that Brandon writes here cause the one I wrote is weak lol

Mia is one of those rare women who are equally as comfortable in a pair of retro Jordan 11 “Space Jams” as she is in her Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps.

Stylish and self-aware, 5 foot Mia has a developed a “laissez faire” style of elegance. Her nonchalant approach to style, seamlessly pairing daringly high stilettos with casual blouses and completing the look with unique accessories serve as evidence.

Fashion for Mia, as a self-proclaimed introvert that avoids small talk at all costs... has always been about expressing who she is without using words.

This also ties into her desire to always be behind the scenes; whether it is behind the camera (she is an avid photography enthusiast), behind the computer (she is a Intellectual Property Consultant for some of Chicago's most popular streetwear brands), or assuring that children are able to express themselves through music (Mia teaches music lessons weekly on the West side and South side of Chicago). 

Blogging is an outlet for Mia. It is a way for her to bridge the gap in the love triangle between her first loves, music and art, and her day gig as an intellectual property lawyer.