Usually I don't do this... (c) R. Kelly

So YaGirlB wrote this about moi and insisted I post it... I'm too modest for this ya'll and I'm too dark skinded to be blushin... lol

As I was in the mirror painting the wonderful Picasso known as my face, and frantically updating my Twitter (woe is me and my social-networking web addiction), it had occured to me that this summer marks a milestone: TEN YEARS that Mia and I have been good, great, best friends! We have known each other from what seems like the beginning of time. She met YaGirlB when I was innocent and a little shy and awkward (Now those memories are ours alone, and not for sharing...) walking into summer school at METRO. The first time I met Mia, she was as nice, kind, and engaging as she is now. Instantly, we were inseparable, and were partners in crime. Our energy and personalities bounced off of each other. And, as I moved on to another high school, and we were soon separated by thousands of miles, one thing has never changed: the bond of friendship (and we can not forget humor) that we have. So, here is a tribute to one of the nearest and dearest people to my heart; ten things that Mia has taught and shown me throughout the ten years of our friendship:

1) Redefined the definition of cool, hip, and hot for a woman in jeans.. Although I may sex up my hoodies and Nike dunks, it is a look that has always originated with her.

2) Mia was the type of person who was universal: she could relate to any and everybody. I learned to be, in some aspects, a great personal and social politician and networker.

3) Number three is... one word: MAC. Every since she showed me her MAC clear lipglass, I secretly took note (I am bankrolling a couple of MAC make-up artists income because of Mia)

4) The swoop: I jocked Mia on the low in LA for awhile. The long bang swooped over the left eye was (and still is) a signature Mia look. And, I have to give credit to the originator (also, because she did catch me and front me out!)

5) We can stop talking for six hours... days... weeks.... months... No matter what time it is, we can start talking again, and it's just like we left off.

6) Beef-n-Noodles at Chong Wah and Cajun Grill Bourbon Chicken Caesar salads at the Galleria

7) In high school, there was a party every week. And, every week, there was a mad dash to figure out what to wear. You had to look different at every party you went to (who would want to be caught at the Monsanto Y party wearing the same thing you wore to the Kappa House party a week or two ago). Mia taught me (maybe not in the grand fashion that I celebrate it in) that it's okay to have a shopping addiction (and to always seem to have an outfit that you've never worn before that you've just pulled out of nowhere).

8) The 'Back that ass up' dance... the left/right/left/right syncronized hip moves. We had it all planned, but made it all look so natural and effortless.

9) I can't not have a 'Ten things' and not talk about the notebook.. Often imitated, never duplicated (the original is with the former principal of Metro, who I think either kept it for entertainment, or sold it to Tina Fey for Mean Girls... cause their 'burn book' scenario sounded awfully familiar)... I mean; it's been so long, I can't even remember the notebook. I wish I could, because it was classic material (pictures... code names... I think that's where it all started)

10) Mia was always about hooking a friend up (passes, free concert tickets, getting in free to the club/parties...). Mia even attempted to hook me up with one of her friends, (who, at the time, was clearly out of my league) that I lusted after. If I only would've taken advantage of that opportunity, Rocky would be my husband right now! Thanks for looking out Mia!

Mia was one of the most popular girls anyone knew; whether it was the grey eyes, the swoop, the micros. Everyone wanted to be her friend and be close to her (some of which were simply trying to reap the rewards), but I am privileged to say that she has been a best friend for ten years. Can't wait to see where the next ten years of our friendship takes us. - B