Summertime Chi (c) Ye

I asked Cel and Whit if they wanted to go to the No Doubt/Paramore/Janelle Monae? concert in Chicago on Thursday... the concert itself was Saturday... We rented a car (that took THREE hours) and headed out of C-bus only to take a 3 hour nap after the concert in Chicago and then drive back to Columbus...Random? Yeah, that's how we roll

Group pic courtesy of State Farm

The Road Warriors... Me, Cel, Whit

Don't Speak. Shannon, Me, Whit... Cel looking creepy in the background


"I've had it up to hereeee" (c) No Doubt

The 'gettin it' face

Album cover... Check us out Fall 2010

2 cool 4 school. Why does it look like I have something in my mouth?

Cel, Tierra, and Shannon... Random shot waitin for No Doubt to hit the stage

Just the girls :)

This was the most AMAZINg random trip EVAAAAA :)