SEVEN WHOLE DAYS (c) Toni Braxton

7 days away... I can honestly say I'm not the least bit anxious or nervous. I'm excited to be married and have my life back. These WHOLE past 14 months have been dedicated to planning this wedding. So many of the things that calm me down and bring me peace have been sacrificed... But all the other women that I know that were not into having weddings that had them have said in the end it was all worth it, so I'm so ready to have that feeling because I cry every other day at least and am inundated with stress. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my Mom, Ky and the Girl Talk gang... I feel like this whole year I've been an emotional crabby mess, but planning a party for 200 people is A LOT. 

Things I did that I feel made things so much easier:

1. If you want things done your way, pay for it yourself.
Money almost always equals some sort of stipulation or some kinds of strings attached. Unless you make it abundantly clear that you are to do with the gifted money as you see fit, just avoid it and skip taking the duckets all together.

2. Don't have a bridal party.
The people that want to help...will, no title needed. Plus, be a good friend, save your peeps HUNDRED'S of dollars for make up they won't like, a dress and shoes they won't wear again, and a hairstyle that isn't flattering to their face.

3. Do what you want.
Often times too many people are focused on what others think. Stay true to you or you will regret it. Do what feels genuine to you and your future husband and don't focus on what others may think

4. Don't get caught up in the tiny details.
Folks almost always remember the food, the music and how they felt. So don't beat yourself over the small things.

5. You need a coordinator... a GOOD one.
The point person of the day is an important choice. They put out all fires and handle things on your behalf so it should without a doubt be someone that knows you and the groom's vision and someone you trust will get the job done. So much is contingent upon the coordinator's ability to keep things going. Don't go with your heart when you make this choice. Be logical.

6. Have a wedding script. 
I am a planner. I've been to weddings that didn't have one and I could tell. I mapped out the wedding from start to finish; readings, song selection, reception EVERYTHING. This makes things run so smoothly, your coordinator and vendors will absolutely LOVE you for it. Check out mine here. 

That being said on MY end I think everything is complete. I still have some lbs to lose but I've gotten all my gifts and my "look" is complete. My friends are really excited so that truly is the wind beneath my sails that keeps me pushing on, cause lordt I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to give up. THE END IS NEAR AND I CANNOT WAIT TO CELEBRATE WITH FRIENDS AND FAM! :)