Chalky broke his overseas cherry with this trip. I planned it to the "t" and every second was spoken for. Iceland was beyond beautiful. I am convinced that this is one of those places that we will make the yearly family trip when Jason and I are married, washed, and with children. Iceland is just sooooo photogenic! It was such a joy to experience every type of landscape.... you could drive for an hour and see ice, green grass, black sand, and snow... It was just breathtaking. It was the great first international trip for LaFlore because it is very American friendly and there isn't the anxiety you feel when you are forced to try to communicate in a language that is not your native tongue. There was so much to do.... AND WE SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! I must admit that I am extremely happy that we took a "northern lights" tour that gave us an idea of what to look for. When you google image you see these pictures of  blue, purple and pink skies... But most times those are severely edited. The days that we got to experience the lights they were more subtle and less detectable by the naked eye, but they show up GREAT with the proper settings on your camera. This link was SOOOOO helpful. It gave you a forecast of how to likely you are to see the aurora borealis based on the day, how strong the activity is, and where is it most easiest to be viewed. We relied on it a lot and were lucky enough to see it four out of the six nights (we didn't get above a seven in terms of activity) that we were in Iceland!

Enough of the rambling.... Check out the pics below and a short video compilation of GoPro footage from the trip :)