It could all be so simple (c) Lauryn Hill

This is where I am with Nate Parker.

Simplified. Super simple. Incredibly simple. 

Sister Snodgrass always gives me cookies. Everyday she bakes them, she gives me some.

One day she bakes them, and she doesn't give them to me. She leaves them out on the windowsill to cool and I just take them. She's always given them to me before, so, it should be cool I took them.

Sister Snodgrass is hurt. Tells me those cookies were not for me. She tells the police.

The police tell Sister Snodgrass that basically she left the cookies where I could get to them so essentially the way the laws are made, I'm not at fault.

Years later, I find out that what I did technically should have been considered stealing. but I was young and the charges didn't stick so I'm not a thief. Whenever the subject comes up a vehemently deny any wrong doing, even though the current consensus is I was wrong for stealing.

Really and truly, I'm a thief. I stole from Sister Snodgrass. and whether I admit it or not, the deed was done. 

So while other folks telling you black feminists killed Birth of a Nation*, know I didn't see it because I don't like that type of attitude. ever. at all. Wrong is wrong.


*Exit polls have showed that 60-61% of BoAN's paid audience were indeed women of color, but per the usual, it's always black women's fault for everything*