You didn't have a childhood (c) Richard A. Penn II

My best friend always teases me because I don't like candy... It's like one of the quintessential child-like loves that I just never really got into... Well, loving cartoons is definitely something that I have not grown out of...

COWBOY BEBOP! This show was so awesome and the soundtrack is so prolific.. Hmmm... I suppose I can name one out of the several things that made this show amazing... I thought it was cool that most of the episode titles are named after some sweet songs... I suggest you check it out on DVD ASAP... But you can't borrow mine! :-p

FRISKY DINGO! This show was all about superhero/action movie cliche's... I'm so sad it was so short-lived. It made me cry gansta tears of laughter on the regular... Adult Swim puhleaseeeee bring back Killface and his ridiculousness

Just thought I'd educate you on these shows spectacularness... I will try and do this on the regular maybe make a segment about wonderific things that came to an end... STAY TUNED! :-p