Picture book (c) The Kinks

"Mia Minaj" is what my best friend Richard called me when I wore this outfit lol... He's a jerk!

Me and Carol Ann...

Take 2...

My lil cousins and I :)

Full body shot

Me again :)

Prepster Mia

Creepshot... this guy on the El was so fresh... the different color blues, the pocket square... yummy!

Curly hair don't care...

My first "Skyline Chili" experience

OUR Jordan 6's ;-)

Reds and Cardinals game... Cards won... DUH!

Yellow nails... :)

Jordan 1s courtesy of "him" :)

MATSUMOTO has a flat tire :( I will ride him later... lol

Mother's Fish... It ain't from STL if it doesn't have pickles and onions

6th grade fav! :)

I still haven't mastered the "bathroom pic"

He spoils me...

My Simba :)