Neil Golden

Don't know who Mr. Golden is...? Well please allow me to educate you. Mr. Golden is the President of Marketing at McDonald's. Still don't know why he earned this weeks spot? Just turn on your tv... These coontastic McDonald's commercials are getting too out of hand. I thought it would stop at "McNugget lovin" but no... It can't stop, it won't stop, it doesn't even know how to stop (c) MLK (Return of the King Boondocks episode). But in all seriousness, those commercials make my heart hurt... I have NO IDEA why the McDonald's team collectively thought that they were a good idea. They just make me want Burger King (just like the T-mobile 'My Touch' commercials make me want an iPhone) and I'm sure that is NOT their aim. They SHOULDA talked to the team over at Old Spice... cause those "I'm a man" commercials are KILLIN the game right now! :)

PS Betcha didn't know this, but while I'm typing this blog right now...I'm on a horse.