I need it in my life/I want it in my life/Come put it in my life/I'm a keep it in my life (c) Juvenile

Those that know me know that I am not one of those sneakerheads that are only in love with the swoosh. It's a fact that I have wayyyyy more chucks than dunks. I just love them... and to all the people that used to tease me back in the day for wearing them. How ya like me now? I bet you have a few pairs dontcha? TOOL-POSER-HIPSTER-FACE *rant over.*

Get them for me HERE (I wear a size 4.5 in mens and a 6.5 in women's in Chucks ;-)

Also shoutout to Ty over at RegularOlTy.com. His site is the reason I can add these beauties to my collection :)... I found the shoes below on his site too! PURE HOTNESS!!!!