You're like Jordan's on a Saturday.... (c) C. Breezy

A few of my Christmas gifts... I didn't wanna put them ALL on here... I'm too coy for that ;-)
Blue leather jacket to match my Space Jams :)... I bought this for myself :-p

The 11's courtesy of the boy @sneaks4daze (for all you twitter folks) and the 12's courtesy of the lil bro (@StLMade3)... YUP, I'm loved :)

This is just a shirt some guy gave me when I was at a fashion show because he liked my outfit... I got it over a year ago but for some reason I haven't worn it... I figured it was perfect for my 12s...SHOUT OUT to for hooking me up! :)

Also, shoutout to my BFF (@RichNUPE) for getting me a Wii! My months of complaining finally paid off... I love himmmmmmm :)

*I know I'm spoiled... don't judge me