You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family (c) Fletch

Sitting at home alone on New Years Eve and this is the first New Years EVER that I am spending alone and not with loved ones... Kinda got me feeling nostalgic so I figured I'd post some funny vids of my crazy fam! Be safe everyone, I love you... and I'll see ya in 2010! As for me, I'll be juuuust fine :) I'm bringing in the New Year with a lil church, Nancy Botwin, Flonominal, Jim Lee, Hank Moody, George Michael Bluth, my Wii, my instruments, my iTunes lib/record player and Jesse Lacey... BE JEALOUS... I'm also looking forward to the midnight calls from the bestie, the lil bro, and my Mommy... even though I'm not physically with my loved ones... I know I'm loved :)

At my moving to the Chi party... This is my Aunt Brigitte trying to learn how to swag surf... My lil bro is the guy in the gray shirt

Aunt B is back with the Stanky Leg... My Mom is embarrassing herself on this one too at the :32 mark lol

My Aunt B finally convinced someone else to dance with her.... She is trying so hard to mimic my lil cousin Briana... CLASSIC. My Mom doing the mono and the 2:30 mark... So embarrassed.

I was always focusing on my Aunt Sherilyn in this vid... I should've been focusing on my Uncle Brian that NEVER dances... He was gettin it! Lol