In our family portrait, we look pretty happy... (c) P!nk

Some pics that were snapped at Christmas dinner :)

The new hair cut... If you don't like it... KEEP YOUR THOUGHTS TO YOURSELF... I'm still getting used to it ;-)

Some nalia I stole from my Mommy lol

My lil cuz Bri-Bri... isn't she purrrty?

LaFlore, Siera, Sylvia, and Trenden :)

The crew drankinnnn by the bar lol

"Pretty Boys" love "Pretty Girls" My Aunt Sherilyn (an AKA) my Uncle William (a NUPE)

Siera, my lil bro Kaelan who HATES taking pics, and my lil cousin Briana

Marrissa, Siera, and my Uncle Brian all trying to get Kaelan to take a pic

Trenden LOVES video games...

Fletch stopping to pose during his pool game

Uncle Brian on the table

Darris and Marrissa (the newlyweds), and Siera

My Uncle Milton... loves the fro lol

My Mommy... she's fast, I KNOW

That's my belt! That heff tried to steal it lol