Could you take my picture/Cause I won't remember (c) Filter

Here are some random pics that I've taken over the past few months with my phone that I have forgotten to post... Enjoy! :)

Where I be every Wednesday... The comic book store right by my house :)

Do you own this? Please proceed to

Friends don't let friends wear FUBU

North Ave at night...

Isn't it purty? Just gettin off the Damen Blue Line

I love Tom! He leaves cupcakes at my desk... shoutout to in the Chi... This cupcake was ORGASMIC!

Harold's Fried Chicken AND a Mystic... The ULTIMATE meal for a coon/glutton
I couldn't say no...

Haha, they looked even BETTER on... peep the vans I WAS rockin lol

Bruce the ice bat lovesssss Chanel :)

A lactose intolerant person's NIGHTMARE #1

A lactose intolerant person's NIGHTMARE #2... Both StL exclusives!

The NEW Cards stadium :)

A view of the Arch...

Carol Ann with the hat off..

Carol Ann with the hat on... DISASTER.

My co-worker made this for me to put on my desk :)

I was JUST about to head to the train SAD because my shoes didn't come in the mail... And THEN I saw the Fed Ex guy... *smiles*

My new love! :) thanks you got em to me in RECORD TIME

My homemade Chipotle burrito bowl


The Art Institute of Chicago... Where I eat lunch most days...

A view from floor 21 of the court house

Downtown Chi


Kool-aid as a drink option on a menu? WHEREDEYDOTHATAT? Chi- city lol

Cards vs. Cubs art work at the Addison Red Line stop
Where are you Yeezy? Had to snap a pic of this guy on the El... his pants were soooooo tight

Keyser napping, Banksy Lee and itunes wanted some shine too

LOVESSSSS this book

I'm attracted to 99.9% of the people that are in this book... Sad, I know.

You got to throw a shoe at your sign of choice... Care to guess which one I threw my shoe at?

Rock band tourney at my place in C-bus... They get INTENSE!

My foldable Ray Ban's...

Makes em harder to break... Sunglasses and I don't have a good relationship... I'm TOOOO destructive

Hope you enjoyed the pics from my cam :)