It's a bad obsession/It's always messing/It's always messing my mind (c) Guns N Roses

I know these are old but I just got em today... For those that don't know these shoes are a result of the Lupe X Converse PRODUCT (RED) collabo... It took a while for me to acquire them because "midget sizes" aren't easy to come by...Curse my tiny feet :(

So, Blazers have really been steppin their game up in 08-09. I wasn't really that HUGE of a fan... But I must say my Blazers collection is gettin up there... I tell ya, if they keep releasing amazing colorways such as this one, I might have continue coppin Blazers on the regular. The patent leather swoosh, the blue upper that is so reminiscent of the Air Penny 1, not to mention the fact that this shoe is just so aesthetically pleasing it makes my eyes happy. No pricing info :-/ but rumor has it they will be popping up on shelves later this month...A MUST HAVE for moi.