All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching? (c) Nicholas Johnson

Well in this case one show makes wanting to kill your mother comical, the other teaches me that engaging in countless acts of debauchery can ruin and improve your life, and the last teaches me how to be a sociopathic serial killer with morals.


Family Guy Season 8... I have a shirt that says I *heart* Stewie... Need I say more? 9pm Eastern

This show is GREATTTT! My love for Hank Moody is so real... I realize I am in the minority when it comes to fans of this show, but that's because A LOT of people haven't heard of it. Dexter fans... Stick in for an extra 30 min after having Dextual relations and give Californication a shot... You won't be disappointed... TRUST!

Having "On Demand" has allowed me to catch up on all 3 seasons of Dexter, and while I am not an uber fan as of yet.... I'm entertained by it. It is very American Psycho-esque and that's one of my fav movies so I can respect the reverence. I think it lacks the witty banter that draws me in with most of the shows that I enjoy. Catch it tonight at 10pm Eastern :)

PLUS the Colts v. the Cards (Kurt Warner) is tonight. Family Guy is gettin the DVR and I shall be watching the game and Dexter on two tvs... WHILE video chatting with my Mom... (It's our Sunday Night Football ritual)

*I would have watched The Cleveland Show tonight too, but I peeped the leak of the series premiere a couple weeks ago. I recommend you check it out... It didn't suck! Lol