That girl looks like Scarlett! (c) Cel

After we got out of G.I. Joe... My drunken friend Marcel insisted on calling EVERY red head white girl Scarlett... the character from G.I. Joe.. He's RUDE, and fell in love with pseudo Scarlett's at least 10 times that night. Lol

My thoughts on G.I. Joe *no spoilers*

1. I am lookin for one of those super human suits on ebay...
2. Sienna Miller's walk was distracting, intense and extra. I blame that crazy bodice thing she was wearin
3. The Nano maker dude looks like Marilyn Manson and Keanu Reeves' love child, and he sounds like James Earl Jones with autotune
4. CGI > Plot
5. The twist was kinda wack/predictable.
6. I really liked the story behind Black Thunder and White Lightning
7. I should've seen Funny People.

2 out of 5 starts at BEST... See at your own risk... Just don't say I didn't warn ya!