So happy togetherrrrr (c) The Beatles

CHICAGO AT NIGHT!!! ...... Jealous yet?

Sowwie for neglecting my blog duties... My transition to the Chi has been a rather crazy one... I am happy to report that I am no longer beefin with the Red Line and am getting things together before Law School. I LOVE my job and the law students/lawyers I have met there. Matter of fact, the entire staff are pretty much AMAZING!!! I promise I will not forsake you again on the blog tip... I'm BACKKKKKK! Below are a few pics I've snapped over the course of the few days that I've been a Chi-Town resident...

Heading to the Chi... I had to sneak Keyser on the megabus. Lol. He was a good puppy :)

I hate that all the employees in this store ask everyone if they need help EXCEPT me... But I still stop here because they have great sales and cheap clothes (c) Shannon Simmons. They were nice to meeeeee.... AND I got some amazingly wonderful CHEAP shoes :)

I made some pretty amazing vinyl purchases thus far! Shoutout to Reckless Records!
*Disregard the dirty Vans in the background...

I smashhhhhhed this burger at Stella's Diner on N. Broadway b4 the Air and Water show :)

My weakness. Thank God these weren't sold in any grocery store I ever went 2 in Columbus... I really need to practice restraint while in the Chi.

I snapped a pic walkin pass Wrigley Field, headin home... What was I wearing? A Cardinals jersey... Yeah, I'm a jerk like that :-p StL HEAUX!

A random Bentley I saw walking home

I had to get a pic of the nigga that thought he was 'supa dupa fly' (c) Missy Elliot sportin the dress sandals with the THICK white dress socks lol.