David P. Santuomo

This Columbus, Ohio firefighter killed his two dogs because he didn't want to have to pay to have them boarded while he went on vacation. Yes, you read right. He suspended them from his basement ceiling and fired shots of his .22 caliber into their bodies... because he didn't want to find a dogsitter...So, I mean he's atleast gonna get a significant amount of time in jail right? After the Michael Vick incident it's clear that law enforcement doesn't take harming animals lightly...Right? Well not necessarily... Santuomo was sentenced "to 90 days in jail, to be served in 10-day increments over the next two years. He also has to pay $4,500 in restitution, perform 200 hours of community service, stay away from companion animals for five years and write a letter of apology to be published in the local newspaper and the International Association of Firefighters magazine."