Dear Los Angeles and media outlets,

To Los Angeles: As I sit here and watch the sensationalized (but oddly respectable and well put together) spectacle that is the Michael Jackson funeral, I applaud you for putting the bill (a whopping four million dollars) off on the tax payers, taking it out of our emergency discretion/action fund. Los Angeles, we are at a five-hundred million dollar deficit. Don't think that by blinding us with the flashing lights of the paparazzi and the star-studded tribute... I want to know how exactly we're going to be paying for this... Since we cannot seem to pay for anything now.
To all of the media (CNN, NBC, MTV, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, rag mags, etc., gossip sites): When will we let Michael Jackson rest in peace? I am tired of waking up to a recycled Michael Jackson stories. I don't care about the paternity of his kids or the custody battle that you keep shoving down my throat. And if you all bring up the child molestation cases, I'm gonna scream. He is the biggest music star ever; an icon of many decades who defined, redefined, and continues to define music, media, and pop culture a like. Let's report on things that are CURRENT, relevant news: the flailing economy, war, the poverish state of our cities. Tributes are one thing, but the constant rehashing of Michael Jackson stories and the rehashing of every little thing he's ever done is enough. And so I say thank you - your news stories on Bubbles, his skin condition and the analysis of his plastic surgery have been days of my life that I will never get back (because it's taken over EVERY media outlet). It's sad that falling ratings and viewership has resulting to the continuous assault and slaying of our fallen musical icon and genius.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

*brought to you by YaGirlB