All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching? (c) Nicholas Johnson

Here are a few shows that I watch that are on cable... No, I do not like Entourage (I know I lose a lot of credibility here) but I tend to think that I have some decent taste in television shows. I have advised some of my friends to check out the shows that I have suggested below... I am just waiting for them to give me their opinions.. as soon as they do I will post their reviews... Good or bad. I didn't include all of the shows that I watch that are not on cable, or the ones that are no longer on the air... (Nip/Tuck, Arrested Development, Martin, Quantum Leap to name a few) but I will do that in a later post... I'm too lazy to do so right now...

A show that I will be checking out... I mean COME ON Zach Galifianakis+ Jason Schwartzman.. I'd be stupid NOT to see what it's about :-p
Season 1 Premieres in September on HBO

Season 1 Sundays at 10pm HBO... Episode 3 premieres today

Season 3 Premieres in the Fall... Showtime

Season 5 Showtime Mondays at 10pm on Episode 7

The Tudors Showtime... Season 4 coming next year :-/

True Blood HBO... Season 2 Sundays at 9pm... Episode 5 premieres today.

I don't have cable so I hit these shows up on YOU SHOULD TOO!