Oh God Mia, why do you need new turntables? (c) Richard and Carol Ann

... That was Mom and best friend's response when I told them what I wanted for my b-day... As if my living room didn't already look like the electronics section of Best Buy, I will have another gadget to add to the bunch come October... They are used to the fact that my self diagnosed ADD forces me to dib and dab in all sorts of things.. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none so to speak... However, they should be relieved that I didn't ask for shoes for the upteenth year in a row... Right? Needless to say DJ HERO is the answer to my prayers... I can PRETEND to be a DJ just like I have been doing for the longest with my turntables that weren't made for a video game console. Check out the video interview on DJ Hero, as well as some snap shots below :)