Life is like a box of chocolates... (c) Forrest Gump

... Or maybe more like an inhaler filled with chocolate?

Well, that is exactly what Le Whif is.. A new way to indulge.. so instead of EATING chocolate you literally inhale it. I dunno about this one folks... seems interesting to say the least. The website boasts about the fact that the treat is calorie free and also claims that whiffing this chocolate supplement will curve your appetite, but I don't see how... Normally when I'm hungry and I smell deliciousness around me, I just want to eat MORE. But maybe that's just me. I would more than likely take a whiff of Le Whiff and THEN head to Baskin Robbins for a Chocolate Blast (my obsession... see picture below of me with said crack. They don't sell them in Columbus so whenever I head back to the Lou BR is one of my first stops). Interested? Try and snag yourself some HERE... Hurr rup, it's sellin FAST!