Doink Doink (c) Law and Order

No, I am not a WOW-er... not that there's anything wrong with WOW, I have a dear *cough cough* lame friend named Marcel that is a big comic book nerd. As a matter of fact he's featured in THIS previous post, and I actually got him WOW for Christmas. I simply haven't tried it, I have enough addictions (ironic considering I don't smoke or drink right?)
I am an L&O geek and found these games enjoyable. Mind you I also find Agatha Christie and Law and Order computer games entertaining as well, so I might not be a good judge of character when it comes to what I think versus what you think of entertaining. Nevertheless, I included the links to:

The Handwriting Analysis HERE <----- Your chickenscratch could explain some aspects of your personality

The Body Language Analysis HERE <----- What does the way you sit say about you?

Concentration Game HERE <----Tests your memory

The Crack Under Pressure Profiler HERE <--- for those that think they could do a better job than the detectives on the show
Check em out :)