You free your mind in your androgyny (c) Garbage

I was called a tomboy this week, and though this isn't by any means as a first, I found it to come as quite a shock because this came from someone that I had recently met. Why the fact that this coming from a new individual was such a shock was because I thought I was much more feminine then I was back in the day. I have come a LONG way from when I would walk out of the door heading to High School and my Mom would say... "You're gonna wear THAT to school?" (mind you my Mom was an extremely rugged female being the only girl amongst four brothers, that recently in her latter years turned priss). HOWEVER I now realize that just because I am more feminine, doesn't mean that I am not a tomboy, I'm just EVOLVING lol. I decided to get a consensus from a couple people; two that I have known FOREVER (my lil bro and best friend) and a couple from people that I hadn't known quite as long.

My lil brothers answer: "You don't look like one, but you act like one." I suppose that I am content with that answer... Looks can be deceiving should be tattooed on my forehead because I know that deep down I am not at ALL what I appear to be.

My best friends answer: "I definitely don't think you are a tomboy anymore... You are borderline prissy." Mind you, he thinks that I am not a tomboy anymore because I recently discovered a love for eyeshadow. He is so used to uber rugged Meezy that I suppose he can't see that I am expanding my horizons.... growing, if you will... lol. My brother found the whole "prissy" allegation to be complete blasphemy.

J's answer: "I think you are a tomboy, you're just one who likes makeup, pumps, and the occasional freakum dress.... I mean you play sports, like sports, and rock sneakers and play video games. All of which are boy activities." Now of course the sociologist in me disagreed with the things J listed as being "boy activities" but I digress.

I guess you learn something new everyday... I suppose to the world, Meezy is a tomboy. I am not labeling myself, even though I get typecasted all the time... :-p but one thing I do know is that I am NOT prissy! lol

I was watching a Chelsea Lately rerun that I had DVR-ed and forgot about and SHIRLEY MANSON WAS ON IT!!!! I love her... It was delightful... That is what prompted the title of this blog, and the randomness of this video below being on this post.