She get it from her mama! (c) Juvenile

I have come to terms with the fact that in the Lou I shall ALWAYS be referred to as "Carol Ann's daughter..." Below are a couple of pics of her and I at her client's establishment (The Loft)... She was working to promote Majic 105's Happy Hour with Tony and I was put to work taking snapshots of the event for the promotions team. There's never a dull moment with Carol Ann I tell ya... So much for coming to the Lou and just chillin out avec ma mere... I swear our roles have always been reversed... I'm the old lady, and she's the young hip one always on the go. Why oh why does she get to be so much cooler than I am...? NOT FAIR!!! *runs away from screen pouting*

Me and Ma Mere

Some pretty amazing ladies that wanted to take a pic with the "photographer" lol

Carol Ann and Fletch

Check out more pics of the event HERE...