Just cause I don't like it, don't mean that I'm hating (c) Common

Due to the release of Tyler Perry's Madea goes to jail, I've decided to write a rant on why I detest Tyler Perry movies... I shall start off this rant with a aim conversation that I had with my dear friend bia.

Bia: TYLER PERRY'S madea goes to jail, produced by tyler perry directed by tyler perry, starring tyler perry. he has to have a small penis
Meezy: Yeah, anyone that needs that many credits is overcompensating for something. And he's not short so...
Bia: exactly. spike lee does it. he's short. tyler perry does it he has a small penis
Meezy: I couldn't agree more.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a brotha pulling himself up from nothing and turning it into something lucrative. However, what I don't agree with is the fact that one would do this at the expense of black people as a whole. Regardless of your "status" in society as an African-American you are indirectly and sometimes directly affected by Tyler Perry movies.
I know several black folk that LOVEEEEEE TP's movies... and to them I ask "Are you blind?" I mean I understand that 90% of people that go to the movies, go to be entertained and to escape reality. BUT... I just wonder when a plot become optional in a film? I hear people defend these movies by saying things such as; "It's not stereotypical," and "I relate to the film on a personal level because I am black, and it focuses on things that only black people understand." To that I say 'cut it outttttttt' (c) Uncle Joey; Full House. The characters in the film often struggle so hard to attempt to break stereotypes that they appear even more stereotypical. There's always the ghetto girl, the gold digger, the single mom, the blue collar dude, the cheatin negro, and the good guy that gets overlooked. Where as a couple of the characters might be professionals, the typical crackhead always comes out to bring us back to reality. But the characters aren't even my main issue, because I know their are a myriad of types of individuals that make up the African-American race, and not all of those can be reflected in a positive light. HOWEVER, they could at least be represented tastefully. I also recognize that it is incredibly difficult to create a black film that has a balance between being socially conscious and humorous or enlightening. But I think that Tyler P should sit down with Dave Chappelle and Spike Lee because they have done a pretty good job balancing the two.
I respect the fact that his films employ several African-American thespians; seeing as though Hollywood has minimal roles of valor to offer. I am also relieved at the lack of vulgarity and crude and abrasive language in TP movies. But, the films are remedial in terms of production, plot, and overall entertainment. Even though the films allow us as black people to laugh at ourselves, it doesn't force us to take a critical look at those characters and Madea in particular and ask "Why is this oversized, loud, extra black woman funny?" What can I do to deter from this image?
In the age of Obama is it wrong to just expect MORE from T. Perry's films? Think about it... If Mr. Perry were not a black man, and he were creating these films... Would you be the least bit offended? If your answer is yes, then you can't give Tyler a 'get out of jail free' card (c) Monopoly. You must hold him accountable.

Still not convinced? Watch this...