Mr. Phelps was recently caught smoking the ganja at some party, and I am surprised (but not really surprised) at the amount of media attention it has NOT received. Columbia police departments as well as the University of South Carolina have decided not to press charges, AND the International Olympics Committee (IOC) has accepted his apology. The IOC concluded that Mr. Phelps' "recreational activities" outside of olympic competitions was not really their concern. What do other people have to say about "America's Hero" gettin high? Well, Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View discussed how if he was caught smoking this, then what would prevent him from taking drugs such as steroids that might enhance his performance? I would say let this 23 year old young adult live... But that is precisely what he's doing. As of now only one endorsement deal (Kellogg) has been snatched, and outside of slight embarrassment Mikey is chillaxin... Probably laid up somewhere, smokin a blunt... lol