Khalood Bojanowski

Momma's Boy is a show on NBC in which female contestants compete for the affection of a male suitor, while also trying to gain approval from his mother. Khalood has made it abundantly clear that there are some characteristics that a female must have, or else she will not approve of her son's choice. "I cannot have a Jewish girl, I cannot have a black girl. It has to be a white girl," Khalood says. "I don't want somebody from a divorced family. I do not want somebody outspoken. I do not want somebody after my son's money. I want a girl just like me." She made it a point not to leave ANYONE out, also announcing to the house of females that Asians, Muslims, and "fat-butted" girls need not apply.

How sad it is that this is what NBC considered prime time worthy. Did the writers strike set you back THAT far? I guess Ryan Seacrest took it upon himself to 'bring NBC back' with a hit show and came up with this mess all on his own. That's the only logical explanation that I can come up with for this artistically and creatively remedial television show.