You crazy for this one Mahmoud (c) Andy Samberg

Random Convo between Bia and Bia for your enjoyment...

Bia: That was the funniest sh*t I have seen in a long time... second only to prop 8 the musical starring jack black as jesus.
Me: Wasn't is great?! Jack Black was so convincing as our Lord and savior... My alarm goes off and I JIZZ IN MY PANTS...
Bia: i checked my phone and saw you rang and jizzed in my pants. so f*cking genius
Me: Andy Samberg needs to impregnate me. In fact I'm going to start collecting his used pants on ebay on the off chance that there is a semen sample in it, cause I can't wait for romance.
Bia: that was beautifully poetic. i in fac am stealing that quote and claimin it as my own
Me: I was lookin for Michael Phelps sperm on ebay. I was even planning a water birth (after discussing this with my friends E-Wally and Chairbear)... keepin the child in its familiar element. It'll come out swimmin and collecting gold medals. We all decided on the name Phelps Phelps so their is no question of paternity.
Bia: hahaha you all are such geniuses for planning this ornate ordeal and training your child from birth. when nature and nurture come together you will have a god child
Bia: as a matter of fact i am going to pray to phelps phelps
Me: You should... Behold the second coming
Bia: praise white god and his white son phelps phelps