Where as Mr. Martin did lose the election to Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss yesterday.... This is NOT why he is granted the 'IWP' title. Sure, we all knew what Jim was trying to do by getting the likes of T.I, Jeezy, and Ludacris to speak on his behalf but... BABY steps Mr. Martin BABY steps. The white democratic population of Georgia are the ones awarding Mr. Martin with this award today. You see, in their eyes it is Jim's overly progressive ways that cost him this election. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that he was attempting to gain more of the black vote by attempting to bridge the gap between politics and the hip hop influence, HOWEVER you have to find a way of doing so WITHOUT alienating the white vote... White folk tend to not so much value the opinion of those with singles in rotation with lyrics such as; 'If I take one more drink/I'm gon end up f*&king you' (c) Luda... I'm down for change... As is the world currently, but you gotta ease people into it... This move was too drastic... Especially for those in the extremely conservative state that is Georgia... Sorry homie.