Calllll meeeee... when ya need me.... We can doooo summmthinnnn (c) Tweet... or better yet, just hit me up on the net Sure it seems like a fake website a horny twelve year old boy would make up, but it's an actual up and running url. The creators of this site said lets skip the whole 'compatibility' spiel that they were trying to sell on and go for the gusto! You lonely tonight? Need a quick fix to fill that huge void in your bed and no one in your phonebook is answering your 'Whatcha up to tonight?' texts... In a generation where everyone is used to having things NOW, is the remedy for your dilemma. CHECK IT OUT... After all you did get the site from yours truly... Who am I to judge? ;-) Who am I kidding... I'm judging you already, that site is RIDICULOUS... lol